Dinky All You Need Cloth Nappy Pack

All you need 20-pack cloth nappy pack.


$ 360.00 NZD

Product Description

All you need cloth nappy pack

Save money and get all the cloth nappies you need with our 20-pack of dinky cloth nappies, each nappy costs only $18 each buy buying in bulk in our 20 nappy pack.  20 nappies is enough for full time use, and to wash every other day, so by buying this 20 pack you are buying all that you will need for full time cloth nappy use.

Microfibre and bamboo trifold insert

Each cloth nappy comes with a bamboo and microfibre, trifold insert. Called a trifold, because you fold it in three before stuffing the nappy in the wide and generous pocket.  The insert unfolds flat for quick drying but is slim fitting and absorbent when in use in the cloth nappy.  Our trifold inserts are absorbent and work really well, meaning that your baby will last longer between changes.

One size fits most

The dinky nappy has a range of features that ensure that it will fit a wide range of sizes.  With snaps on the front of the cloth nappy to reduce the rise, or height of the nappy in the smaller sizes, and snaps on the back of the nappy to reduce the width, and create a trim nappy on smaller babies, this cloth nappy fits an even greater range of sizes than most OSFM cloth nappies.  The dinky all you need cloth nappy pack will get you from birth to potty training.

Leg gussets

Our dinky pocket nappy is designed with deep leg gussets which help to create a waterproof seal around slim newborn legs, and still fit well on larger toddler legs.  The depth of the gusset also helps to ensure that the nappy will not leak in this area.

Designed right here in NZ.


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