Canterbury, New Zealand

PurePods is a total immersion, totally private experience of your own slice of the beautiful New Zealand landscape. Your PurePod is made of heavy duty glass so you can see everything – from the starry night skies above to the native plants growing beneath your feet. Pull back the sliding doors on all three sides and indulge in the isolation. You will experience nature’s show vividly, utilising all of your senses whilst remaining sheltered in luxury. Imagine watching a winter storm roll in from the warmth and comfort of the PurePod, or basking in the summer sunshine while relaxing on the deck and taking in the stunning views.

The privacy, the isolation of a luxurious glass cabin completely surrounded by nature – the sky, the hills, the sea, the birds, the bush – takes you to another world.

The PurePod is designed from the foundations up for environmental sustainability and minimalist luxury.

Travel through a delightful nature walk to see your PurePod hovering above the ferns and tussocks. Discover your own isolated slice of Kiwi paradise, revel in the birdsong all day long. At night, explore the stars of the southern sky from the comfort of your luxury bed.

Every PurePod location is distinct, with dramatic landscapes, beautiful views and a compelling story. The PurePods are solar-powered. operating fully off the grid and are deliberately without a wi-fi connection. You can be assured of tranquility and a minimal carbon footprint.

Why is it better than glamping? Because nature doesn’t get shut out. You are safe, dry and warm, you have a flushing toilet, an awesome shower and a kitchen – while totally surrounded by the best of Pure New Zealand.

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