Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

There is just something truly sacred about working with plants and nature for beauty, health and well-being. I love working with plants that have a long tradition of therapeutic and ritual use, many of which are grown and processed in the Archeus gardens. We also source the finest certified organic and therapeutic grade ingredients we can find. All plant waste is returned to the gardens as compost. 

The Archeus range has evolved through responding to requests from people to make something for their own particular need, and so often these needs are related to life transitions. Menopause, heartbreak, empty nest, life and health changes are all a part of life. The good times are great, but it can be the tough stuff that really makes us who we are. I like to think that Archeus can help you through these changes and transitions, good and bad. 

Over time I have deepened the work I do with plant therapeutics and energy and extended my vision across our botanical balms, beauty serums and creams, functional fragrances imbued with the vibrational energy of plants, plant essences and elixirs and our products to help with compassionate care at the end of life. 

I think of all of this as Earth Medicine for modern living.

In the tradition of wise women and healers through time, I share knowledge through the Archeus Apothecary Workshops and I offer reiki and energy sessions which I believe help deepen our connection to Nature and ourselves. 

Every purchase contributes to our plant conservation activity.

Archeus is the result of a long-held dream to work closely with nature, taking my place in the daisy chain of women healers and herbalists through time and helping others live life more naturally. I left a career with the United Nations to do this and in the process changed my career into a calling. 

Enjoy exploring and experiencing the Earth medicine that is Archeus. 

In light Georgina  x

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